Saturday, June 15, 2013

Salpiglossis 'Kew Blue"

Salpiglossis 'Kew Blue" Blooming now in my garden
     Last year I had a post about the square planting bed on my south terrace which I was planting with annuals.  The goal was to have a mixture of various annuals, mostly from Annie's Annuals and planted in the style shown on their website.  One plant which I planted there last summer was Salpiglossis, which is an annual native to Chile which has very striking flowers. I liked that whole bed so much last summer that I am planting that bed again with annuals this summer.  There have been some self sown seedlings left from last summer, but I have supplemented these with new purchases this year.  One of these new purchases was the flower pictured above--Salpiglossis Kew Beauty which is a supposedly blue flowered Salpiglossis, but which looks more dark purple to my eye.   Anyway, this annual has very striking flowers as you can see.  Last summer my Salpiglossises (?) flowered most of the summer.  I will be having more posts about this style of planting soon, but suffice it to say it is my latest obsession!


  1. Although our temperatures dip into the 20's several times overnight here during the coldest months, I was pleasantly surprised to see that all my Salpiglossis overwintered here--I think the variety I have is Royale Mix. I presently have all of them in containers, but I am going to move them into the ground (and expand quantities ) at some point this summer. Looking forward to future posts on your Annies-style garden.

  2. Oh my gosh Linda ! Blushing ! I'm a huge fan of yours!

  3. They are best grown in cool areas as this prolongs there blooming period, which can be from summer through to the first frost of winter.

    Salpiglossis carries lance shaped leaves and cornet shaped flowers; Salpiglossis plants often have different coloured flowers on the same plant ranging from red through to orange and yellow.