Saturday, June 8, 2013

Papaver orientale 'Manhattan"

Papaver orientale 'Manhattan' blooming now in my garden
     I have been very busy lately and so have not had time to process many of my photos.  My garden, especially the front border,  is coming into its peak right now and so I will be posting photos of that soon.  Since this is the only recent photo I have had time to process, here it is; Papaver orientale 'Manhattan'.  For a more in depth discussion of oriental poppies, see my entry from last year here.
     This poppy is in my front border, where it has grown for at least 7 years.  The deer never eat it and I never water it.  This is probably my favorite Oriental poppy.
     This is a focus stacked image meaning it is a combination of 4 shots with different focus points.  This, as I have explained before,  allows the entire flower to be in focus while keeping the background out of focus.

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  1. Thanks Linda, the photo is stunning and the time you take to share is appreciated and inspirational.