Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maianthemum Oleraceum Revisited

Stalks of Maianthemum oleraceum at Far Reaches Farm
     I have previously written about Maianthemum oleraceum here.  In that post, I showed pictures of this plant in flower.  Today, I want to show you a photo I took on Saturday of this same plant growing in the shade garden at Far Reaches Farm.  As you can see, this is quite an impressive looking creature, even though it is not yet in bloom.  These bamboo like stalks which are two or three feet tall certainly grab the eye!  The plant I bought last year at Far Reaches is alive and growing in my garden, but it has only one stalk this year.  I am just waiting for it to get this big. 
     By the way, in one of his recent newsletters, Kelly mentioned that Far Reaches has many of these coming along, but they are not yet big enough to sell.  So put them on your wish list and drool! I will post more about my visit to Far Reaches tomorrow, but let me just say here that the garden there is simply amazing right now, and it is well worth the trek out there to visit.

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