Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gladiolus Gandavensis 'Boone'

Gladiolus gandavensis 'Boone'
     The title of this blog entry might more appropriately have been 'Beware of Gladiolas'.   I have a love-hate relationship with this gladiola.  When it blooms, I admire it and think what a great color it is.  But when it comes up all over my garden I think what a weed it is.  I should add that I have said the same about many other gladiolas, so my advice on them is to be careful about what you plant.
     In any event, I got this glad many years ago from Heronswood.  I notice that Plant Delights still offers it, but they call it Gladiolus dalenii 'Boone', rather that G. gandavensis 'Boone'.   That may be the proper name for all I know.  The blurb in their catalog notes that it multiplies obscenely fast so that you will have plenty to share.  Well said!
     As I said, this glad seeds itself all over the garden and it grows almost everywhere except deep dark shade.  It is an easy plant and is supposed to be hardy to zone 6 at least.  
     Since I have taken up photography, my standards for what plants I want in the garden have changed somewhat.  As applied to this glad, this means that it has received a stay of execution since I like to photograph it.

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  1. If you are ever weeding it out, send some of this my way. I'm hoping my drier clime would keep it in check.