Saturday, August 25, 2012

Arisaema candidissimum

Arisaema candidissimum blooming in my garden in July
     Yesterday I was at Far Reaches Farm and I was talking to Kelly about arisaemas which is why I decided to make today's blog about one of my favorite ones--Arisaema candidissimum.  I have grown many arisaemas in my gardening career and for a while they were very hot plants in the horticultural world.  They still are to some extent, but there are many of them that have been on the market that are not really worth growing in my opinion.  However, one of the first ones I ever grew and one of the first to be readily available here is still one of the best, and that one, of course, is Arisaema candidissimum.
     As you can see from the picture, the flower of this one is one of the more beautiful of the arisaemas.  Some arisaemas have just downright weird flowers and beautiful is not an adjective to describe them.  This one, however, I would have to call beautiful.
     Another characteristic of some arisaemas is that they don't last long in the garden, Arisaema sikokianum being the first one that comes to mind in that category.  I would hate to tally how much I have spent on that arisaema over the years only to have it come up only once and then disappear forever.
     Arisaema condidissimum is not like that--it endures in the garden, even under very harsh conditions.  I have my stand of it planted in a very dry and out of the way place in the garden, yet it still comes up year after year and indeed, it multiplies.  Now that I think about it I probably should put it in a better spot.  Like all arisaemas, it does fine in the shade.
     The picture above was taken in July, making this a late blooming arisaema.  For more good information on this plant, see John Grimshaw's entry in his garden diary here.  Arisaema candissimum can be found at many nurseries, including Far Reaches.

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