Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magnolia Macrophylla

Magnolia macrophylla flower
     I have previously posted about the large Magnolia macrophylla which is a focal point in my garden. See here.  Magnolia macrophylla, which is a deciduous magnolia native to the Southeastern US, is the largest single leaf tree native to North America.  It also has the largest flower of any tree native to North America.  The flower in the picture above is in excess of a foot across. 
     Unfortunately, the tree does not produce many flowers in a year--this is the only flower on my tree right now.  Also unfortunately, the flowers are usually so high up in the tree that you cannot get a good view of them.  This flower, however, was placed fairly low down and so I was able to get this shot.
     I'll have to admit that this is a striking flower when you can see it, even if it is white!


  1. Magnolia grandiflora is heavily planted in my town as a street tree, and the flowers are reliable, but as you say, too high up to enjoy. However they are quite fragrant if you are under the tree ! Dies this Magnolia have a fragrance that you can detect ?

    1. Hi ks- I haven't noticed fragrance from it, but I have read that these are supposed to be fragrant.