Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lily 'Satisfaction'

Oreintal/Trumpet lily hybrid 'Satisfaction
     One of my favorite groups of plants is now coming into bloom in the garden--the lilies.  I grow a large number of these in my garden because (1) they do well in the Pacific Northwest; (2) they provide flowers and color at a time when many other perennials here are past their prime; and (3) they are extremely fragrant and beautiful.   Lilies do so well in the Pacific Northwest that there are a number of lily growers and breeders located here. One of these is B&D Lilies which is located on the Olympic Peninsula not too far from us.  Another one is Lily Pad Bulbs which is located in Olympia, Washington.  Both of those nurseries produce excellent quality lilies and I would recommend them.
     The lily pictured above is what is commonly called an orienpet, because it is a hybrid between an oriental lily and a trumpet lily.  Before these came on the market, I liked the oriental lilies the best because they were fragrant and sturdy plants with colors in ranges that I liked.  I did not like the trumpet lilies as much because they tended to lean over too much and I did not think they were as fragrant.  That said, they were both good plants.
     Anyway, once I grew some of the orienpets, I was hooked on those.  They are extremely vigorous sturdy plants with very thick stems so they never fall over.  This one, called 'Satisfaction', is about 5 feet tall, but I also have some yellow flowered orienpets which are about 8 feet tall with very thick stems.  They never lean and never have to be staked.
     I am not a lily snob--I like the large flowered brightly colored hybrids.  I do not care that much for dainty little species lilies.  For me, the larger and sturdier the plant, and the brighter the flower, the better.  I particularly like flowers that are bright magenta with some yellow in the center, just like 'Satisfaction'.  I also like some of the yellow hybrids, just because it is always nice to have yellow in the garden and some of the yellow ones are good 'doers'.  I do not care that much for white lilies (surprise!).
     Lilies are great plants to interplant among other perennials or low lying annuals, since the stems will rise up above the other foliage.  Here, they do well in full sun or part shade, although not deep shade.  However, it is best not to plant them where overhanging foliage will interfere with the flowers which can be on quite tall stems.  I have planted them at one time or another in practically every bed in my garden.  They tend to be long lived plants, although I have found that they do decline after about 10 years in one spot.  That is ok by me because I am always buying and trying out more of them.
     Although I recommended the local growers above, I should mention that I bought 'Satisfaction' from Brent and Becky's Bulbs.


  1. How vibrant your blog is...What part of the owrld...I will be back..a feast fo the eyes

  2. Good to know that the orienpets don't lean! I love orientals and trumpets (the trumpet shape is quientessential lily to me) but the staking of the latter is a pain! The high summer fragrance of lilies...swoon!