Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Agastache cana 'Sinning' (aka 'Sonoran Sunset')

Agastache cana 'Sinning' (aka Sonoran Sunset) in my garden

A wider view with an unknown Echinacea

An even wider view with delphiniums, melianthus and restio

     I have grown quite a few agastaches over the years, and I even bloggged about one previously, here.  I have planted several agastaches in my new garden since they fit in with the look I am going for, they are drought tolerant, and deer resistant.  Also, the hummingbirds like them and that is always a plus.  I should add that my new garden is completely open to whatever critters we might have around here, which include not only deer, but rabbits, coyotes, bear, raccoons, bobcats, and even mountain lions.  Not that most of those will eat my plants, but the deer and rabbits certainly are a threat.  So plants which critters do not like are also a plus, and generally they do not bother agastaches.
     The particular agastache I am talking about here is Agastache cana 'Sinning' (aka 'Sonoran Sunset').  This is a Plant Select plant, and you can read what they have to say about it here.  I acquired three of these late last summer from Flowers By The Sea, a mail order nursery specializing in salvias, and also other plants which hummingbirds like.  I should mention that they send very good plants, and are to be recommended.  A quick google search reveals that there are a number of other mail order nurseries which also carry this agastache.  It could be sold either under the name 'Sinning' or the name 'Sonoran Sunset'.
     Although I do not recommend planting these sorts of dryland plants here in the fall, these did quite well over the winter.  Their foliage stayed good, practically unblemished (although we had a mild winter, so this might not be the case in a colder winter), and once spring arrived and they started to grow, their foliage continued to look good.  I should mention that good foliage is not something agastaches are generally known for.  They made full, relatively compact shrub like growth, and now they are putting on their floral show, and, as you can see from the images above, it is a good show.  So, I have to conclude, based admittedly on my very short experience with this plant, that it is the best agastache ever!  Hopefully I will not have to eat my words based on further experience.


  1. I've been getting the daily emails from Flowers by the Sea. I should pay more attention. This Agastache is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I visited Flowers by the Sea a year ago: they're an amazing nursery with a fascinating history. And more Salvia than you can shake a stick at...

    I was with Duane Sinning when we selected this superior clone of cana out of a long line of them at Welby Gardens. I miss Duane (who no longer works in Denver): I've often said, it's good to know someone more Sinning than myself.