Saturday, May 31, 2014

Front Border Panorama

Panorama of front border at Froggy Bottom showing various yuccas, dasylirions, and Nolina nelsoniis
     It's difficult to get wide shots of my front border because inevitably there is an ugly car or house or chip pile in view, primarily because this border is sandwiched between the road, a circular driveway, and an empty lot that is home to various chip and compost piles. But by judicious cropping and combining 3 images into this pano, I have managed to give a view of most of the border in one shot (at least from one vantage point).  In this image, the yucca looking plants with thick trunks are Nolina nelsoniis.  The yucca with thinner trunk is Yucca rostrata, and the yucca looking creature to the left is Dasylirion wheeleri.
      I have previously posted about Nolina nelsonii here.  This is a plant that I intend to get for my new garden, but have not managed to find any that are large enough yet.  I don't want to start with a tiny one, because it takes so long for them to reach the size shown in the picture (about 20 years).  I had 2 of these bloom a couple of years ago, and although they are not supposed to, they died after blooming.  Bummer!  I think there might have been something going on with them that caused them to bloom and die.  The other ones at Froggy Bottom are doing just fine and, thus far, have not bloomed.
     To see a larger version of this shot, click on the picture.


  1. I bought a Nolina about 5 years ago and planted it in a large tub and it is very slow growing but finally starting to do something although I think it will be a long time before I see a trunk

  2. I just love the array of colors and textures in this border.