Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Garden Views

Front Gate

West Terrace Looking Toward Lionness

West Terrace Patio With Pond

West Terrace Patio Looking North

Long View of West Terrace Looking From Lionness

South Terrace Looking Towards Blue Wall

Garden View of Lawn Sweeping to Pink Chairs

West Terrace
     As I have alluded to in previous blog entries, I have been very busy this summer and now I will tell you what has been keeping me so busy--we are putting our house on the market.  Indeed, it was listed last week and if you are curious about what the inside of the house looks like, you can see pictures of it here.  So today I have posted pictures of the garden that I took a couple of days ago.
     I have to tell you that it was a monumental task getting the house ready for sale, all the while keeping the garden looking in top notch shape.  But now that task is done, and we can just sit back and wait for the offers to roll in!
     You may want to know why we are selling. Well, we are both (my husband and I) reaching retirement age and we decided that we wanted to downsize.  So we are moving to Port Ludlow, Washington, which is a small, master planned community just over the Hood Canal Bridge on the Olympic Peninsula. It is pretty much out in the woods and seems much more rural than Bainbridge Island. You can read more about it here. Port Ludlow is full of walking trails and on my many walks with my dog I have seen the following wildlife: deer, coyotes, bobcat, bear, racoons, rabbits, and eagles.
     We have bought a smaller house in Port Ludlow that is new construction on a half acre lot. The lot has some awful landscaping on it which I propose to eventually replace with better things.  First, though, I will have to improve the soil which is very sandy and not very nutrient rich. In Port Ludlow there are restrictions on what you can do in the way of landscaping on your lot, but I think I can work with those restrictions.  Chief among them is a prohibition on fencing.
     The climate in Port Ludlow is very similar to that on Bainbridge. It is, after all, only an hour's drive from Bainbridge. It is probably a little bit cooler than Bainbridge and a little bit dryer, since it is in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.  Supposedly, it only gets 20 some inches of rain a year. In future posts, I will show pictures of the new place, and will have tales of creating a new garden.  Meanwhile, I will still blog about what is going on in the garden at Froggy Bottom until the place is sold.


  1. I had heard that you were thinking of doing this. How exciting to create a new garden and to downsize. Your garden has always been spectacular and it'll be nice for you to take a break from the huge amount of work it takes to keep a garden that size looking like it does. I wish you the best and if I win the lottery, I'll be first in line to make an offer on your house :)

  2. What a lot you've been up to! Best wishes on the move, and I hope it all goes as painlessly as possible.

  3. I look forward to watching the process as you build a new garden from the ground up. I am curious, any plants you'll be taking with you, there must be a couple you're attached to? Good luck with the whole thing, I hope it goes smoothly!

  4. This is only my second time on your blog. I was awed by your garden views, but now after having read that your just put it all up for sale, I'm even more in awe of the willpower and resolve it must have taken to get to that point. Wow! Of course there is excitement in starting anew, and with a fairly clean slate, it seems, but still - all power to you! I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops.