Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garden Views

View from south patio

View from west terrace toward lionness sculpture

Pink chairs in upper lawn

View from behind pink chairs toward lower lawn

View of west terrace  and back patio

Front gate

Some of my collection of plants in pots
     Today's blog will be short because I am getting ready to go to Las Vegas for Photoshop World.  My daughter and her husband and I will be driving there--it is a some 19 hour drive from Portland where my daughter lives, so we will be taking two days, each way.  Photoshop World is a big convention of Photoshop geeks and photography geeks.  It should be lots of fun.  I will be back in a week and hopefully will have some photos to share with you then.  For today, I leave with you some pictures I took of my garden this morning.


  1. So, this is the first time I've seen a long view of your gardens... OMG! fabulous, just fabulous! I'm having an attack of major zone envy here. everything is absolutely gorgeous. Have a great time at Photoshop World....

  2. Oh yes, the Bonfire begonia at the feet of the Ensete, fabulous! love it

  3. Your garden is amazing as always! I don't know how you can do all of that and still have hours in the day to sleep. Thanks for more great photographs of your stellar garden!

  4. Finally! You have a garden blog so I can visit whenever I want.
    Great writing and amazing photos, I'll be back.

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  6. I'm eagerly anticipating your next post. I hope that you're ok. I'm hooked on your blog!

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  9. I'm not sure if this request posted. But, my dad owns a stove shop. I would like to use one of your images as a banner backdrop for an outdoor bbq display. Would you be so kind as to let me use your image?